Have a Heart for HB


January 2019:

This was a community effort bringing together the compassionate residents and businesses of Huntington Beach,  in support of our neighbors who have been impacted by the government shutdown. 

Let us clarify

It had NOTHING to do with politics, and EVERYTHING to do with offering a hand to those in our community.

This was  the longest shutdown on record. Food was needed to feed our children, utility bills were due, rent money was needed, humans and animals need medical care, etc. Sadly, the lists are long.

Thank you to the residents who asked for assistance.  Over $500 in needs were gifted to those who needed help.

Cards for Cali


November 2018:

Cards for Cali was a community event, which brought together the compassionate residents of Huntington Beach, and it's surrounding areas, in support of the victims of the November 2018 California Fires.

Gift cards were accepted to assist the many lives that were forever altered due to the fire devastation!

All types of gift cards were accepted, as everything was needed by those impacted. 

Because not all gift cards are "marked" with a value, it was difficult to determine the total raised for the families of Paradise, California. Unity Impact estimates between $1500-$2000.00.

Donation was made to the Paradise Rotary Club for distribution to the city's residents.

Vigil for Vegas


October 2017:

The purpose of this candlelight vigil was for our community to come together to mourn and honor the lives lost in Las Vegas during the massacre at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, to stand in solidarity with the survivors, to heal as a community, and to open up dialog.  

Unity Impact organized a candlelight vigil held in Huntington Beach on Sunday, October 8th at 6:30 pm. The names of the victims were read by members of the community as we honored the lives they lived.  Media coverage of the event can be found on our "media" page!

If you, or your family, were directly impacted by the events in Vegas, please contact us through our onsite contact form.

HB Helps Houston


September 2017: 

Thank you to the two amazing Huntington Beach residents who began this great venture: Misty Blu and Candice Kay.  Women with family in Texas, who they wished to help. What started as a "van full of stuff" for Texas,  grew into a HB CommUNITY effort and convoy of trucks going to Texas on a Monday evening.

Unity Impact was honored to be involved in this project. Our goal was not only to spread the word of the #HBHelpsHouston efforts, but to continue to provide help for those that need assistance
both locally and beyond.

If you have any question, please call us or message us through our online contact form.